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Earth Force
The Earth Force is a team of three human beings who were granted superhuman powers by the Heliopolitan death god, Seth. The leading gods of Heliopolis were once worshipped by the people of ancient Egypt.

Policeman Kyle Brock, businessman Winston Manchester, and housewife Pamela Shaw were all patients in the same New York City hospital to which the injured Asgardian god, Hogun, had been brought. Brock had been shot by criminals, Manchester had been hospitalized due to overwork, and Shaw had attempted suicide after her baby had died and her husband had left her.

Seth brought the three patients to his own "dimension of death," healed them, and gave them superhuman powers, claiming he wanted to transform them into "a force to preserve and protect the Earth." Thus, Brock became Earth Lord, Manchester became Skyhawk, and Shaw became Wind Warrior. In fact, however, Seth intended to employ these three unwitting human beings as pawns in his schemes for power and vengeance. In exchange for being granted their new powers, Seth directed the three members of Earth Force to kill Hogun, who was then undergoing an operation. Seth claimed that Hogun posed a threat to the entire Earth; in actuality, Hogun was an enemy of Seth who himself intended to destroy all life. As a result, the Earth Force clashed with Thor, who was protecting Hogun. Earth Lord and Wind Warrior finally refused to kill Hogun, and they left the hospital taking Skyhawk with them.

Soon afterward, the three members of Earth Force met with Thor, told him they had realized that Seth was evil, and joined forces with Thor in opposing the death god. The Earth Force proved to be formidable allies to the Asgardians in their ensuing war against Seth's legions. Finally, the Earth Force attacked Seth himself, who nearly killed them. But once Seth himself was defeated, the gods of Heliopolis healed the Earth Force's injuries, and then returned them to their hospital beds at a point in time mere moments after Seth had abducted them. Brock noticed that he still bore the glowing sign of Aton on his hand, the sign that he, Manchester and Shaw all received on being granted their powers. Hence, Brock, Manchester and Shaw retain their superhuman abilities and may go into action as Earth Force again.

First Appearance: THOR #395

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