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  • unstable molecules: A configuration of unknown atomic nuclei and electrons discovered or synthesized by Dr. Reed Richards, which is responsive to certain energized matter around it. Used in the making of clothing for the Fantastic Four and certain other superhuman beings, unstable molecular cloth mimics its wearer's physical properties. It can, for example, stretch like Mr. Fantastic and burst into flame without burning like the Human Torch.


  • vampire: demonic creature who feeds upon the blood of living beings. Vampires were created by a spell written by the demon Chthon in the Book of the Darkhold, and since have been vanquished from the Earthly dimension by the sorcerer supreme Dr. Strange.
  • vibranium: A precious extraterrestrial metal found only in meteor deposits in the African nation of Wakanda and in the now-frozen jungle of the Savage Land.
  • Voodoo: A religion worshipping the nature spirits called the Ioa, and a system of mystical practices ultimately derived from the Ioa.


  • warlock: A male sorcerer who practices black magic, that is to say, who manipulates magical energies granted to him by malevolent entities such as demons. A female sorcerer (sorceress) who does so is a witch. These terms have also been applied unjustly to sorcer who are members of ancient cults which were wrongly thought to involve devil-worship.
  • warp-space: Hyperspace.
  • werewolf: A human being who transforms into a humanoid wolf or a facsimile of a wolf, usually during the nights of the full moon. The origin of the supernatural phenomenon that causes werewolves, Iycanthropy, is not yet known.

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