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  • levitation: The psychic, psionic or magical ability to screen the physical body from the effects of gravity and thus rise off the ground. The ability to fly.
  • life essence: See astral form, death.
  • lift (press): The act of picking up a given amount of weight from the ground and hoisting it at arm's length above the head. This is the standard term used to estimate relative strength levels in the "Marvel Universe."
  • limbo: A generic term used to describe any of a number of dimensions characterized by a static or unchanging quality. Properly this term is used to describe True Limbo and its associated pocket dimensions.
  • Limbo: True Limbo is a dimension that is unique in that it exists outside the timestream and thus possesses no time. Reality in Limbo is comprised of a single, ever-changing moment in which everything that ever was, is, and could be coexist. Human beings within Limbo might imagine that time passes there, since they are conditioned to think in such a way, but they cannot age or die there. In order to time travel without aging, it is necessary to pass through Limbo.


  • magic: The art, science, and practice of utilizing certain universal energies whose nature is beyond the scope of the technologically-oriented science of all known sentient races.
  • mass accruing: The process by which an organism who decreases in size and weight extends bodily mass extradimensionally.
  • metamorph: A being who can physically change shape and appearance. If the transformation requires the addition or subtraction of mass, the mass accruing or mass shunting process is involved. Also called polymorph.
  • microverse: A parallel universe that can be reached from the Earth dimension by compressing one's own mass to a certain point, thereby forcing it through an artificially created nexus into the other universe. Microverses were once erroneously believed to exist within atoms.
  • micro-world: A world existing within parallel universe known as microverse. Micro-worlds were once erroneously believed to exist on subatomic particles.
  • multiverse: A group of universes which are in some way related.
  • mutagenic: Something capable of making cellular-level changes in a living organism.
  • mutant: A being who was born with physical characteristic not possessed by either of its parents. See mutation
  • mutate: A being who acquires a physical characteristic through exposure to a mutagenic agent such as certain chemicals or radiation. All superhumans who were not born with their superhuman powers are mutates.
  • mutation: The process or result of a cellular-level change in a living organism. A good mutation is one that benefits the organism in some way, such as the acquisition of a spare heart, Increased cerebral capacity, or a superhuman ability. A bad mutation is one that impairs the organism in some way, such as a deformity. Many special traits or powers are the result of a body-wide series of good mutations, not just the mutation of single cell.


  • Negative Zone: An anti-matter universe first discovered by Reed Richards.
  • nexus: A point in a dimension through which access to other dimensions or time periods is mere easily achieved than at other points.


  • omnipotent: All-powerful. The term is also used generically to describe numerous beings possessing vast power, which, although not unlimited, by far surpasses that of most sentient beings. Among the known so-called omnipotents are Galactus, the Celestials, the Watchers, the Stranger, the Living Tribunal, and others.
  • omniurn: A steel alloy stronger than titanium but weaker than Adamantium.

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