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  • force field: A barrier of energy, usually strong enough to prevent solid or liquid objects or concussive forms of energy from penetrating it.


  • gamma radiation: High-energy electromagnetic radiation that in large doses is lethal to most living beings.
  • genetic: Having to do with the genes, the section of a cell of a living being that contains the molecule DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), which controls the transmission of hereditary characteristics from parent to offspring.
  • genetics: The study of the process of heredity of physical characteristics in living organisms.
  • ghost: The astral body of a being who has died.
  • giant: A certain humanoid being native to the Asgardian realm of Jotunheim, Olympus, and possibly other extradimensional worlds as well.
  • god: A humanoid being with a longer lifespan and greater physical powers than human beings, whose kinsmen or self has once been worshipped by humanity. Some races of gods, such as the Olympians, are for all practical purposes, immortal. All races of gods now dwell on some extra dimensional world, although they may have lived on Earth in ancient times. There seems to be a special connection between the gods who were once worshipped on Earth and Earth itself.
  • graviton: A theoretical particle carrying the force of gravity.


  • Homo mermanus: An evolutionary offshoot of humanity who possess gills and dwell underwater. It is not yet known how this sub-species came into being. Home mermanus are popularly called Atlanteans, although the term properly refers only to the citizens of the Atlantean empire.
  • Homo superior: A commonly used term for describing all superhumanly powerful mutant human beings as members of a new species. Technically speaking, each superhumanly powerful mutant with a different power or set of powers from the others is probably a member of his or her own subspecies of Homo sapiens (Latin for "thinking man.") However, there is some evidence that all superhumanly powerful mutants have some characteristics in common that normal humanity does not share: for example, these mutants all emit distinctive psionic waves. There is also reason to believe that these mutants are the first wave of a newly evolving superhuman race.
  • houngan: A priest in the religion of voodoo.
  • humanoid: Having virtually the same physical characteristics as a human being. Only a normal Earth human being can properly be termed human, although mutants, Eternals, and Inhumans can be classified as human under a broader definition of the term. Beings who greatly resemble human beings in physical characteristics, but are not exactly like them are humanoids. Beings who resemble humans in some major outward physical characteristics but not in others that are of equal importance are called semi-humanoids.
  • hyperspace: A dimension accessible from Earth whose physical laws differ from Earth's in the following ways. First, it is possible to surpass the speed of light within hyperspace. Second, hyperspace is "warped" in comparison to Earth's dimension so that the distance between two points in hyperspace might be immensely shorter than the distance between the equivalent points in Earth's dimension. Interstellar travel is impractical for any sentient race that has not discovered the means of traveling through hyperspace in order to reach a destination in their own dimension. Hyperspace is also known as sub-space (which is sometimes confused with the Negative Zone) and warp-space. It is accessible through naturally occurring or artificially created nexuses in space called space warps.


  • incubus: A male demonic creature who feeds upon the life essence of living beings.
  • interdimensional: Of or having to do with the space between two universes, each of which exists in its own dimension.

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