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Generation X

Generation X is a team of young mutants that are based in the newly reopened Massachusetts Academy, now owned by Professor Charles Xavier. The school, run by Banshee and the White Queen, is used to train young mutants in the use of their powers, as well as instruct them in the tenets of Xavier's dream of human and mutant peaceful coexistence.

The team was founded when a number of young mutants were captured by the Phalanx entity known as Harvest to use as guinea pigs in an experiment to assimilate mutants into their collective. Rescued by Banshee and the White Queen, the mutants Jubilee, Husk, Skin, Synch, and M became the founding members of Generation X.

The fact that the students at the Massachusetts Academy are mutants has not been revealed to the general public. However, Operation: Zero Tolerance is aware of Generation X, and Jubilee was even captured by them to obtain the secrets of the X-Men. They have since disbanded and went there own ways.

First Appearance: Generation X #1

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