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Runestaff Dimension

Type: Mystic realm
Environment: Alien
Usual Means of Access: Magic enchantment
Dominant Lifeform: Apparently none
Prominent Inhabitants: No permanent Inhabitants

Comments: The Runestaff Dimension is a pocket universe within which the souls and bodies (but not minds) of those sentient beings whose knowledge is absorbed by the Runestaff are transported. The Runestaff's primary wielder, Kamo Tharnn the Possessor, trapped hundreds of beings in this dimension, where they existed without consciousness for untold years. They were then mystically transferred into Tharnn's own body, and released through the efforts of the Asgardians Thor and Sif. Thor's mortal paramour Jane Foster was among the beings once trapped. The Runestaff dimension's topography is subject to the wielder

First Appearance: THOR #335




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