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Type: Mystic realm
Environment: Earthlike
Usual Means of Access: Magic
Dominant Lifeform: Greco-Roman gods
Prominent Inhabitants: Zeus, Hercules, Venus, Ares

Comments: Olympus is the home of the Olympian gods, a small otherdimensional planetary body whose natural and physical nature and physics are different from those of planetary bodies in the Earthly dimension. Olympus thus resembles the Asgardian continent, although Olympus is apparently much smaller, no bigger than a lager city. Olympus is not a sphere like the Earth or its moon, but a relatively flat asteroid-like landmass suspended in space. Olympus does not rotate about its axis, nor does it revolve about a sun. Olympus has intervals of day and night (of undisclosed durations) but apparently no change in season. It is not know if Olympus's source of light and heat is Earth's sun, or a glowing ball of light dissimilar to a star in most of its properties. Unlike Earth, where the force of gravitation radiates from the mass of the planet, Olympus has gravity, which apparently radiates from some point or object beneath the suspended landmass. Consequently, there is a topside to Olympus, upon which beings can stand.

There is apparently some force that keeps the bottom and edges of Olympus's landmass from eroding away. This force also prevents Olympus's atmosphere from escaping. Olympus is surrounded by what Olympians call "the Abyss," which may be similar to Asgard's "see of Space." The exact nature of space in the Olympus dimension is unknown.

While the gravity of Olympus is roughly analogous to Earth's, common Olympian matter is considerably denser than Earth's on the Average. Consequently, a chair made of Olympian wood would be more massive, heavier, and more durable than a chair made of analogous Earthly wood.

Olympus is linked to at least four other dimensions. The dimension bridge between Olympus and Earth passes through the principal nexus between Olympus and the Earth dimension, which is located somewhere on Mount Olympus in Greece. There is also a nexus between Olympus and Hades, the otherdimensional land of the dead, and an apparently artificial nexus between Olympus and Asgard. Finally, there is a bride leading to a larger realm, apparently in yet another dimension, from which the Olympian race may have originated. Olympus itself seems to be the home of the major Olympian gods and their servants; possibly other beings of ancient Greek and Roman myth live across this bridge.

Among the major buildings of Olympus are the great halls of the principal Olympian gods and the Pantheon Hall, where the Olympian high council meet. Those Titans not confined to the land of the dead live in an enclave amid the large forest governed by Artemis. Wrongdoers are punished at the "Place of Plain."


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