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Type: Alien world
Environment: Earthlike
Usual Means Of Access: Vibrational attunement
Dominant Lifeform: Humanoid
Prominent Inhabitant: Bruce Dickson (the Thin Man), Olalla

Comment: Early in 1940, Dr. Bruce Dickson became lost off an expedition to conquer the peak of the Himalayan Mount Kalputhia, and stumbled through a cave mouth into the other-dimensional world of Kalahia. That world was inhabited by a race of scientist who has mastered the secrets of six-dimensional reality. After studying their work for a time, Dickson returned to our world to fight crime (Nazis) during World War II as the Thing Man. What has become of Kalahia since the 1940's remains unknown.

First Appearance: MYSTIC COMICS #4 (1940)
First Modern Appearance: MARVEL PREMIERE #2






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