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Dark Realm Of The Fomor

Type: Mystic Realm
Environment: Essentially Earthlike
Usual Means Of Access: Magic
Dominant Lifeform: Humanoid
Prominent Inhabitants: Elathan, Cethlann, Bres, Balor

Comments: The Dark Realm on the opposite side of the Isle of Avalon was inhabited during the 12th century by a race of demonlike creatures known as the Fomor. When human beings came to Avalon, they unwittingly provided the means for the Fomor to come to Earth. With the assistance of the Avengers, the Fomor were driven back, and only one - the Fomor named Bres - was able to pierce time as well as space and come to the 20th century status of the Dark Realm, in the 20th century, remains unknown.

First Appearance: AVENGERS #225






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