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New York

Capital: Albany
Nick Name: Empire State
Size: 49,108 sq mi
Statehood: 1788

Signifcant Places
- Birthplace of Jean Grey

- Birthplace of Archangel

-Birthplace of Hank Pym

- Birthplace of Electro

- Birthplace of Blackout

- Birthplace of Invisible Woman
- Birthplace of Human Torch (III)

King's Crossing
- "Imprisonment" Site of First Skrull Invaders
- Site of Avengers' involvement in Kree-Skrull War

Long Island
- Former Headquarters of Defenders (Richmond Riding Acadamy)
- Birthplace of Dazzler
- Birthplace of Stature

- Headquarters of Defenders (Parrington Mansion)

New York City
- Birthplace of Sandman
- Birthplace of Hydro-Man
- Birthplace of Fancy Dan
- Birthplace of Prowler (I)
- Birthplace of Caliban
- Birthplace of Punisher
- Birthplace of Absorbing Man
- Birthplace of Stilt-Man (I)
- Birthplace of Dominic Fortune
- Birthplace of Wrecker
- Birthplace of Black Cat
- Birthplace of Melter
- Birthplace of Tombstone
- Birthplace of Luke Cage
- Birthplace of Storm
- Birthplace of Harry Osborn
- Birthplace of Molten Man
- Birthplace of Nova (II)
- Birthplace of Molecule Man
- Birthplace of Cecilia Reyes
- Birthplace of Nova (I)
- Birthplace of Speed Demon
- Birthplace of Taskmaster
- Birthplace of Falcon
- Birthplace of Professor X
- Birthplace of Torpedo
- Birthplace of Nick Fury
- Birthplace of John Jameson
- Birthplace of Jean Grey (AoA)
- Birthplace of Hawkeye (II)
- Birthplace of Big Man
- Birthplace of Blue Shield
- Birthplace of Crimebuster
- Place of Death for Aries (I)
- Place of Death for Aries (II)
- Place of Death of Blackout
- Place of Death for Blizzard (I)
- Place of Death for Bloodestone
- Place of Death for Changling
- Birthplace and Place of Death of Patriot (I)
- Creation site and Place of Death for Carrion
- Destruction site of Decon Frost
- Creation Site of Human Torch (I)
- Creation Site of Vision
- Birthplace and Residence of Captain America
- Birthplace and Residence of Franklin Richards
- Birthplace and Residence of Daredevil
- Birthplace and Residence of Spider-Man
- Birthplace and Residence of Ricochet (III)
- Birthplace and Residence of Thing
- Headquarters of Avengers (East Coast Chapter)
- Headquarters of Fantastic Four
- Headquarters of Heroes for Hire
- Headquarters of New Warriors
- Former Headquarters of Defenders (Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum)
- Original Landing Site of Galactus
- Residence of Prodigy (III)
- Residence of Hornet (III)
- Residence of Power Pack
- Residence of Dusk (III)
- Residence of Dr. Strange
- Residence of Invisible Woman
- Residence of Human Torch
- Residence of Mister Fantastic
- Base of Operations for Aguila

Salem Center
- Site of Xavier's Insititute for Higher Learning
- Headquarters of the X-Men

- Birthplace of Astro Vance

Adirondack Mountain Range
- Site of Project: Pegasus (Specific location unknown)

- Birthplace of Glorian
- Birthplace of Spider-Woman (III)

- Birthplace of Doctor Octopus

Whisper Hill
- Residence of Agatha Harkness

Southern New York
- Ravencroft Asylum
- The Haven: Secondary HQ for High Evolutionary
- The Abbey: U.S. headquarters of the Acolytes

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