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Asia is the largest continent in the world in both, area and population.
Area: about 49 700 000 km2 (19 189 277 mi2) it covers about 60 percent of Earth's total land area.
Population: almost 4 billion human inhabitants, about 60 percent of the world's population. Seven out of ten of the most populated countries are in Asia (2004).
Highest Point: Sagarmatha (Chomolungma; Mount Everest) 8848m (29 028 ft) Nepal.
Largest Lake: Caspian Sea (salt lake) 371 000 km2 (143 250 mi2),
Ozero Baykal, Lake Baikal 31 500 km2 in Siberia is the world's largest freshwater lake by volume.
Longest River: Yangtze (Yángzî Jiang) China, 6380 km (3 964 mi).
Languages of Asia: Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Russian.

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