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Madelyne Pryor

Real name: Madelyne Jennifer Pryor (formerly Madelyne Pryor-Summers)
Other aliases: (former) Anodyne, Goblin Queen
Identity: The general populace believes Madelyne Pryor is dead.
Occupation: (former) Pilot
Legal status: Madelyne Pryor is legally dead.
Place of creation: A laboratory of Mister Sinister's in an unrevealed location
Marital status: Formerly married
Known relatives: Scott Summers (Cyclops, ex-husband), Nathan Christopher Summers (Cable, son), Alex Summers (Havok, brother-in-law), Christopher Summers (Corsair, father-in-law), Philip Summers (grandfather-in-law), Deborah Summers (grandmother-in-law)
Base of operations: (former) Anchorage, Alaska; X-Men temporary headquarters in the Australian outback
Group affiliation: Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club
First appearance: X-MEN (first series) #168

History: At some point the genetic engineer known as Mister Sinister obtained a cell sample from Jean Grey, now known as Phoenix, of the X-Men. Through advanced scientific means Sinister caused the clone to grow into an adult double of Grey far more quickly than a normal human being would reach adulthood.

The real Jean Grey was cast into suspended animation by the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force took on a portion of Jean Grey's consciousness and created for itself a duplicate of Grey's body. In this form the Phoenix Force impersonated Jean Grey within the X-Men, calling herself Phoenix. Eventually, through the psionic manipulations of the original mutant called Mastermind, the Phoenix became the insane Dark Phoenix. Repulsed by the havoc Dark Phoenix was wreaking, the portion of Jean Grey's personality within her caused Dark Phoenix to kill her own mortal body.

When that form perished, the Phoenix Force sent its portion of Grey's personality back to Earth, keyed to return to a body with Grey's genetic code. This portion of Grey's consciousness made contact with Grey's original body, which still slept in suspended animation. Appalled after receiving the memories of the destruction wreaked by Dark Phoenix, the original Jean Grey rejected this portion of her consciousness. The latter portion then infused itself into the body of the clone of Grey that Sinister had created, giving the clone consciousness for the first time.

Sinister programmed the clone with a set of false memories. He named her "Madelyne Pryor" and programmed her to meet and fall in love with Scott Summers, who was Cyclops, another member of the X-Men. Sinister's plan was that Pryor would bear Scott Summers a child who would possess the superhuman genetic potential of both Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Sinister would then take the child under his own control.

Sinister sent Pryor to Alaska and placed her in a job as a pilot for North Star Airways, the air freight company run by Scott Summers' grandparents, Philip and Deborah Summers. It was in Alaska that Scott Summers first met Pryor. He was immediately struck by her exact resemblance to Jean Grey, whom he believed to be dead. However, after becoming convinced that Pryor was not Jean Grey, Summers married her. Months later she gave birth to their son, Nathan Christopher Summers.

Shortly after the infant was born, Cyclops and his fellow X-Man Storm held a competition to determine which of them would be leader of the X-Men. As yet, Pryor was unaware of her own superhuman powers. However, she did not want Scott to divide his time between her and the X-Men, so she unconsciously used her own awakening powers to influence the contest. As a result, Scott lost, and he went to live with Madelyne and the baby in Anchorage, Alaska.

Strains grew between Scott and Madelyne, whose fears that Scott loved Jean Grey, not her, continued to mount. Then Jean Grey's original body emerged from suspended animation at long last. Learning that Jean was still alive, Scott went to meet her in New York, even though Madelyne had warned him that if he left, their marriage was over. Scott remained in New York, where he, Jean, and three other members of the original X-Men formed a new organization, X-Factor.

Learning that the original Jean Grey was still alive, Sinister decided to eliminate Pryor, lest the truth about her origin be exposed. When Pryor was in San Francisco with her son on business, Sinister sent his team of assassins, the Marauders, to kill Pryor and capture her son. Pryor used her emerging powers to defend herself, although she lost the infant. The X-Men found Pryor, and she decided to remain with them. Sinister placed the baby in an orphanage he controlled.

Later, Pryor began experiencing dreams sent to her by the demons N'astirh and S'ym, that played upon her deep insecurities and tempted her with offers of power. The dreams further awakened Pryor's latent powers and strengthened the darker side of her personality.

Pryor was abducted to the nation of Genosha. During her captivity the vengeful side of Pryor's personality grew much stronger, and her latent powers continued to emerge.

Finally, Pryor's superhuman powers fully emerged and she took on the identity of the Goblin Queen. But although both N'astirh and Mister Sinister attempted to make her his pawn, neither proved to be able to control her. N'astirh launched an invasion of Manhattan by the demons of the limbo-like dimension Otherplace. However, N'astirh was defeated and the demonic invasion was turned back.

But Pryor, now apparently insane, had recovered her son and planned to sacrifice him atop the Empire State Building in an occult ritual that would permanently link Earth and Otherplace. By killing the baby she would also take revenge on Scott Summers. The members of the X-Men and X-Factor battled Pryor, and Jean Grey waged a one-on-one battle of psionic powers against her far more powerful opponent. Finally, Pryor unleashed a massive amount of psionic force in order to destroy both herself and her opponents. However, the X-Men and X-Factor succeeded in shielding themselves and the baby from the effects of the blast.

Dying, Pryor linked her mind to Grey's, intending to drag Jean down into death with her. Pryor then died, but Grey survived, taking back into herself the portion of her personality that the Phoenix Force had taken from her and then bestowed upon Madelyne.

Scott Summers and Jean Grey together raised Scott and Madelyne's son, Nathan, until they were forced to send him into the future to save his life from a techno-organic virus. Nathan returned to the X-Men's time as the adult known as Cable.

The genetic counterpart of Cable in the alternate timeline known as the "Age of Apocalypse" was Nate Grey, the mutant also known as X-Man. When Nate Grey first arrived in the "mainstream" timeline of the X-Men, the disoriented Nate subconsciously sought to find his friend, the Jean Grey of his own reality. Nate Grey's psionic powers are so enormous that he thus subconsciously re-created Jean Grey's duplicate, Madelyne Pryor. Hence, the Madelyne Pryor who is now active on Earth is not truly the original Madelyne, but is a "psionic shell" that duplicates her personality, powers, and memories.

At first the re-created Madelyne befriended Nate, but as her powers re-emerged, so did her memories and her sinister personality. Sponsored by the mutant Selene, Pryor gained admission to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, recently reorganized by Sebastian Shaw, and became Shaw's lover. Since joining the Club, Pryor battled Nate Grey and the Jean Grey of this reality. She also recently met peacefully with her grown son, Cable.

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Strength level: Madelyne Pryor possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise

Known superhuman powers: Madelyne Pryor possesses enormous psionic abilities to manipulate and generate energy, enabling her to fly, to create powerful concussive force blasts, and to shield herself within force fields, among other feats.

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