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Multiple Man

Real Name: James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox
Occupation: Ex-farmer, now lab assistant
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Other Aliases: The Multiple Man
Place of Birth: Los Alamos, New Mexico
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daniel (father, deceased), Joan (mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Moira MacTaggart's mutant research center, Muir Island, off the coast of Scotland

History: James Madrox was the only son of two researchers working at the Los Alamos Research, Center in New Mexico. In the course of their work, his parents were exposed to enough specific radiation to produce subtle alterations in their genetic material. Thus their son was born a mutant. Moments after birth, Madrox's power became evident: when the doctor spanked him, the concussive force caused him to multiply into two identical physical beings. (The second self merged with the first in a few minutes.) Shaken by the bizarre phenomenon, on the advice of Professor Charles Xavier, the Madrox family moved to a farm on Kansas where they could raise the boy in privacy. Dr. Madrox created a special suit for his son which insulated the boy from kinetic forces over the critical threshold point which caused replication, and forced the boy to wear it constantly. As Madrox grew up, he was not aware of his mutant power, but only of the strangeness of his being forced always to wear the same clothes.

When he was fifteen, his parents were killed by a tornado. Madrox spent the next few years of his life alone caring for his parents' farm. Then, malfunctioning control elements in the suit caused a power surge that released his inhibited power and caused the suit to begin absorbing ambient electrical energy. Confused and frightened, Madrox set out to find help, eventually arriving in New York City. There the Fantastic Four and Professor Xavier found him. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four helped repair the uniform's components, and Xavier took him into custody for a short time to teach him how to control his replication powers. When asked to join Xavier's mutant adventurers, the X-Men, Madrox declined, preferring to accept Dr. Moira MacTaggart's offer to be a lab assistant at her mutation research complex on Muir Isle off the coast of Scotland.

Madrox remained on Muir Island for many years, leaving only once to join mutant heroine Siryn in looking for the missing X-Men protégé's Sunspot and Warlock on behalf of Professor X. This led them into a brief romance and joining with the mutant runaways calling themselves the Fallen Angels. Madrox returned to Muir Island after these brief adventures.

During a brief time when the X-Men had disbanded, their villain the Shadow King managed to take mental control over all the mutants and researchers living at Muir Island. Madrox helped the reforming X-Men to defeat the villain and agreed to join Havok and Polaris who formed the government-sponsored mutant team X-Factor, having by this time gained enough control over his powers to avoid wearing his protective suit.

Madrox remained a member of X-Factor for many months, until a mission into the mutant-apartheid country Genosha led him to contract the deadly Legacy Virus. Madrox apparently died at the hands of the self-proclaimed mutant healer Haven when she attempted to cure Madrox of the disease. It was later revealed that the infected Madrox had split into duplicates prior to contracting the disease, and Madrox is survived by a duplicate. Madrox helped X-Factor on several missions but never really rejoined the team.

After X-Factor later disbanded, Madrox was later seen working with Forge, keeping surveillance on Magneto, then-leader of the nation Genosha, on behalf of the wishes of Professor Xavier. During a civil war that broke out shortly after Magneto assumed power, Madrox intercepted the X-Man Wolverine on a reconnaissance mission to locate and rescue both Madrox and Forge. Together they rescued Forge, a captive of Exodus who was masquerading as Magneto in his absence. Presumably, Madrox returned to field work in Genosha.

Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 155 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Strength Level: Madrox possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. Each of the duplicates of himself whom he creates possesses the same level of strength that Madrox himself does.

Known Superhuman Powers: Madrox possesses the mutant ability to create identical physical duplicates of himself when violently struck (or when he strikes himself). It is not yet known precisely how Madrox's power works: although the duplicate bodies seem to "split off" from within him, he does not undergo a mitosis process like that of cells, creating identical entities each with half the mass of the original. Each duplicate possesses the same mass as the original. He does not appear to be transmuting nearby elements into his likeness either. If he is indeed converting energy to matter, the expected devastating release of energy must be shunted elsewhere since it is not in evidence.

Upon sufficient impact, Madroxs "splits off" a single duplicate. Although he can "create" multiple selves consecutively, he cannot bring into being more than one duplicate at a time. The maximum number of duplicates of himself Madrox can "create" consecutively before taxing his ability is not yet known. (He once produced twenty of them.) Each of the duplicates is capable of independent thought, feeling, and action, although they are telepathically linked from formation to absorption. If one is traumatic for all existing counterparts. It is not known if death to the original body would automatically kill all of the duplicates. Each of the copies possesses the, original's power, and are capable of duplicating themselves at will, as well.

Madrox's duplicates remain in existence for as long as he wills them to. When he wills them out of existence, they are seemingly "absorbed" back into his body. It is not yet known whether they always automatically disappear if the original is rendered unconscious. Madrox still wears his suit on occasion when he wishes to prevent unwanted or unexpected replications.

Paraphernalia: Madrox's costume is designed to absorb kinetic energy so that he will not create duplicates through accidental impacts. When it malfunctioned years ago it began absorbing ambient electrical energy. It could also absorb intense heat. Madrox could use this absorbed electrical energy to increase his strength. Whether or not Madrox can still absorb electricity and heat since his costume was repaired is unknown.

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