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Real Name: Dormammu
Occupation: Conqueror, former ruler of the Dark Dimension
Identity: Publicly known in the Dark Dimension. His existence is unknown to the general populace of Earth.
Legal Status: Exiled citizen of the dimension of the Faltine, exiled citizen of the Dark Dimension
Other Aliases: The Dread One
Place of Birth: The Faltine dimension
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Umar (sister), Clea (niece)
Group Affiliation: None, former ally of Umar and Loki.
Base of Operations: The Dark Dimension
First Appearance: STRANGE TALES #126

History: Originally, Dormammu possessed humanoid form. He and his sister Umar were sorcerers of great mystical power, in the dimension of the Faltine. For unknown reasons, they were exiled from this dimension, and they sought sanctuary from Olnar, the wizard-king of the Dark Dimension, a small "pocket" cosmos in a dimension other than Earth's, in which the laws of reality are different from those in the Earth dimension. (It has been speculated that this took place many thousands of Earth years ago.) Dormammu and Umar, promised to show Olnar how to expand his realm. Olnar overruled the objection of the other wizards of his realm, who distrusted the two exiles, and he granted Dormammu and Umar not only sanctuary but also positions of power. In return, the two Faltinians showed Olnar how to break down interdimensional barrier and to absorb other pocket dimensions into his own. Thus Olnar greatly expanded the size of the Dark Dimension.

However, after many years of such conquests, it was discovered that a pocket cosmos that had recently been added to the Dark Dimension was the home of the savage creatures called the Mindless Ones. The Mindless Ones spread destruction throughout the Dark Dimension and killed Olnar. Dormammu and Umar barely escaped the attack that killed Olnar. The surviving wizards blamed the two Faltinians for the Mindless Ones' rampage. Suspecting that the wizards would attack the two of them, Dormammu and Umar struck first and defeated the wizards. The two Faltinians then combined their magic to imprison the Mindless Ones behind a mystical barrier, which still exists today. Umar, younger than her brother was greatly weakened by this feat, and did not regain her full power until long afterwards. The people of the Dark Dimension acclaimed Dormammu and Umar for saving them from the Mindless Ones and, with Olnar's infant son Orini unable to rule and the wizard defeated chose Dormammu as regent of the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu transformed himself into pure mystical energy, thus enabling himself to use his vast magical powers more efficiently. He placed a spell upon the remaining few wizards that rendered them incapable of speech, and therefore of using most of their magical powers, and condemned them to wander through the Dark Dimension as outcasts. Dormammu had no intention of surrendering his throne to Orini, Olnar's heir, when the child came of age, but instead raised Orini as his ward, and Orini became Dormammu's loyal disciple.

For an unknown number of Earth centuries, Dormammu has sought to conquer the Earth dimension. He has always been frustrated by the Sorcerers Supreme of the Earth dimension, each of whom has used the Amulet of Agomotto as a weapon against him. The most recent Sorcerers Supreme of the Earth dimension to oppose him have been the now deceased Ancient One, and Doctor Stephen Strange, who has become Dormammu's greatest foe. Despite Dormammu's vastly greater power, Strange has defeated him repeatedly. Most recently, Dormammu undertook a complex plot that involved his reaching back in time to incarnate himself physically on Earth in the year 1943, long before his first clash with Doctor Strange. However, Strange and Dormammu's niece Clea had journeyed back in time to 1943. Each contributed to creating a means of destroying Dormammu, scattering his mystical essence throughout myriad dimension. However, it has been theorized that Dormammu, a being of pure mystical energy, cannot forever be destroyed, and it remains to be seen whether he may someday return.

Height: 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight: Unknown
Eye: Green
Hair: Black

Strength Level: As a member of the extradimensional Faltine race, Dormammu has greater physical strength than an Earth human of the same height and build. However, it should be noted that Doctor Strange was once able to defeat Dormammu in a physical duel in which each combatant waived the use of his mystical powers.

Known Superhuman Powers: Dormammu possesses vast magical powers' and is one of the most powerful known mystical beings. He is not infinitely powerful, however; the mystical being Zom is known to be more powerful than Umar, and probably than Dormammu as well. It is not known how the power of extradimensional gods and demons such as Odin, Zeus, and Surtur compares to Dormammu's, and Dormammu's power is know to be dwarfed by that of Eternity and Living Tribunal.

The Major difference between a being like Dormammu and a human sorcerer like Doctor Strange is that while each can manipulate the ambient magical energy of the universe he inhabits, Dormammu can also draw upon the immense magical energy that grows within his own being. Strange, an Earth human, does not generate mystical energy within himself, and therefore must tap and manipulate mystical energies that lie outside himself. Only the ability to manipulate energy is within an Earth sorcerer, not the energy itself.

In part Dormammu's power also derives from the worship of him by being in the Dark Dimension and other dimension. The form that this worship takes is not yet known, but it may involve sacrifices of some nature. Dormammu drains spiritual energies from his worshippers, thereby in creasing his own power. Also, some of Dormammu's power appears to be derived from the "flames or regency" that engulf his head. These flames originated when the then humanoid Dormammu merged with the great mystical flames of the Dark Dimension, thereby converting his own body to pure mystical energy. As a being of mystical energy, Dormammu can use magic more efficiently than he could as a corporal being; this is why Dormammu can wield magic more powerfully than his sister Umar. When Dormammu has been deposed from the throne of the Dark Dimension or temporarily destroyed the flames of regency have materialized about Umar's head, and her mystical power has simultaneously increased. At present, with Dormammu apparently destroyed, and Umar deposed and in suspended animation, the flames of regency are borne by Dormammu's niece Clea, the new ruler of the Dark Dimension. According to Dormammu's spell, the flames will surround the head of whatever rules the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu can confer mystical power upon beings who call upon him through spells and invocations, but he never does so without requiring to pay some kind of price that will increase Dormammu's own power. Nor does Dormammu confer part of his own personal power from another, undisclosed source. Dormammu can bestow enormous quantities of power upon another, as he has done with Baron Mordo on occasion. Even Doctor Strange, early in his career, invoked the power of Dormammu before he learned Dormammu's true nature.

Dormammu can manipulate his magical power to accomplish a vast number of feats: interdimensional teleportation, size transformations, time travel, elemental control, telepathy, matter transmutations, energy manifestations from extraordinary powerful bolts of magically-constructed beings, and many other. Further, he is of sufficient might to be able to cancel out or tamper with the magic of others. (For example, he once caused Thor to revert to his former mortal guise of Don Blake in spite of Odin's enchantment.)

It has been theorized that since Dormammu is a being of pure mystical energy, he is impossible to destroy. Should some force render Dormammu inactive, he will eventually be restored to his active state through the empowering effects of his subjects and disciples' belief in and worship of him. Once, after his energies were swallowed up by the Evil Eye, Dormammu, with Umar's aid, managed to regenerate himself deep within the planet Earth. Dormammu has also twice nearly succeeded in projecting himself across the barriers separating the Earth dimensions from his own by means other than simply traveling the Earth physically. Once he almost caused himself to materialized within a mountain in Vermont with the help of his worshippers' prayers and rituals. Another time, he used his worshippers' rituals to incarnate himself within the body of a human being.

Dormammu commands a host of intangible wraiths who carry out his orders in dimensions other than his own. When ruling the Dark Dimension, Dormammu command its armies and various mystical beings living within it.

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