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REAL NAME: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
KNOWN ALIASES: Nathan Dayspring Askani'son
OCCUPATION: (current) Adventurer, (former) freedom fighter, United States government agent, mercenary, combat instructor for X-Force
LEGAL STATUS: Wanted as an outlaw by U.S. authorities
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed location in the 20th Century United States
KNOWN RELATIVES: Scott Summers (Cyclops, father), Madelyne Pryor-Summers (mother), Jean Grey (Phoenix, stepmother), Alexander Summers (Havok, uncle), Christopher Summers (Corsair, grandfather), Elaine Grey (grandmother), Sara Grey (aunt, deceased), Philip Summers (great-grandfather), Deborah Summers (great-grandmother), Gailyn and Joey (cousins), Jenskot (Aliya, wife, deceased), Tyler (Genesis, son, deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: (current) X-Force, (former) Clan Askani, Clan Chosen, Six Pack (formerly Wild Pack II)
BASE OF OPERATION: The Xavier Institute, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York State
FIRST APPEARANCE: (as Nathan Christopher Summers) X-MEN (first series) #201, (as Cable) NEW MUTANTS #87

HISTORY: The man known as Cable was born to Scott Summers, the X-Man known as Cyclops, and his then-wife Madelyne Pryor. Soon after Nathan was born, Scott's first love, Jean Grey, returned after being believed dead. Scott left Madelyne and baby Nathan, whom Madelyne had left in the care of relatives so that she could journey with the X-Men. After Madelyne and the X-Men were believed to be killed in Dallas by the Adversary (they were actually relocated to Australia and made invisible to sensory equipment by Roma), Scott retrieved his son and returned with him to his new team, X-Factor.

Madelyne was captured by the being known as Mister Sinister who revealed her true history to her. Madelyne was a clone of Jean Grey that Sinister created to seduce Scott Summers and produce a child that Sinister would control. Pryor became aware of her latent telekinetic and telepathic abilities, and became the Goblin Queen. The Goblin Queen, in an effort to keep a portal between Earth and the demon-infested dimension of Limbo open, kidnapped baby Nathan to use as a sacrifice. Nathan was rescued by a combined effort of the X-Men and X-Factor, and Pryor was believed to be killed by Jean Grey (a representation of Madelyne has since returned to life, but as of now Cable and Cyclops are unaware of this fact).

Soon after his rescue, Nathan was infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse. As the virus spread through Nathan's body, threatening to turn Nathan into a body of liquid metal and organic steel, a member of the Clan Askani appeared from 2000 years in the future to Cyclops, saying Nathan would become a savior in their time, and that the Clan would cure him of the virus. Choosing to save his son's life, believing that he would never see him again, Cyclops agreed, and Nathan was taken 2000 years into an alternate future.

In this future, Nathan was raised to be the Askani'son who was promised to rid the future world of the rule of Apocalypse and the New Canaanites. Mother Askani created a clone of Nathan since she believed that Nathan would not survive due to the techno-organic virus which was consuming him. The clone was stolen by the Canaanites who were unaware that a clone had been made, and grew to become the madman known as Stryfe. Nathan was raised by two people who called themselves Slym and Redd, who were actually the newly married Cyclops and Phoenix whose souls had traveled into the future and inhabited new bodies. During this time, Nathan discovered how to use his telekinetic abilities to hold back the techno-organic virus, but the virus had already spread to the left side of his body, giving it a cybernetic appearance. After the teenage Nathan used his powers to defeat Apocalypse, Cyclops and Phoenix's souls returned to their own time.

During his time in the future, Nathan met and married Aliya, a member of Clan Askani, whose clan name was Jenskot in honor of Cyclops and Phoenix. Together they had a son, Tyler. Soon after, Aliya was killed and Tyler was taken by Stryfe and brainwashed into doing his bidding. In an incident to save hostages, Cable was forced to shoot his own son, who managed to survive.

As part of his mission as the Askani'son, Cable returned to the 20th century to foil the plans of Apocalypse and Stryfe, who had also returned to that time and formed the Mutant Liberation Front. Nathan, now calling himself Cable, formed a mercenary group called the Wild Pack, later known as the Six Pack, which included the future X-Force member known as Domino.

After the Six Pack was decimated in an assault on one of Stryfe's hidden bases, Cable, greatly injured, returned to the future. In the future Cable discovered records that stated Sam Guthrie, the New Mutant known as Cannonball, existed into at least the 23rd century. Cable believed Sam Guthrie would be the next in a group of immortal mutants known as Externals. Cable returned to the present to take command of the New Mutants and guide Guthrie's ascension into the Externals.

Cable reorganized the New Mutants into a strike force called X-Force and led them into battle against such foes as Stryfe, who had also traveled to the 20th century.

Stryfe attempted to assassinate Professor Charles Xavier and, believing himself the real son of Cyclops, kidnapped Cyclops and Phoenix in retaliation for their supposedly abandonment of him as an infant, taking them to his base on the moon. During the rescue of Cyclops and Phoenix, Cable and Stryfe fell into a temporal rift, and both were believed to be destroyed.

Cable survived the rift, but Stryfe's body was destroyed and his consciousness entered Cable's body, where it currently remains. For a time Stryfe's consciousness dominated Cable's, but Cable has since regained control. Cable returned to the present and to X-Force, giving them an explanation of who he is. It was revealed soon after that Cable is indeed the son that Scott had sent into the future, and Stryfe was the clone. Cable and Cyclops have since reconciled.

After this time, Cable experienced a marked increase in his telekinetic abilities, and the reemergence of his latent telepathic abilities. As a result, Cable began to lose more of his body to the techno-organic virus. As a result of the entity known as Onslaught hampering all psionic ability, Cable was beginning to succumb to the techno-organic virus, but was healed by his own willpower and the assistance of the young Franklin Richards.

HEIGHT: 6 ft. 8 in.
WEIGHT: 350 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White, originally brown
OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Cable has a techno-organic right eye, left arm, and shoulder due to infection as an infant with a techno-organic virus

STRENGTH LEVEL: Superhuman Class 10

KNOWN SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Cable is a mutant whose physical attributes have been enhanced to superhuman levels. His principal mutant powers are his vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities. He can employ the latter to levitate objects and to create protective force shields. He must continually employ his telekinetic powers to prevent the techno-organic virus from affecting the rest of his body. His techno-organic left arm and shoulder possess even greater strength than his entirely organic ones. Cable's techno-organic right eye can see into the infrared portion of the spectrum.

OTHER ABILITIES: Cable is a highly accomplished warrior and battle strategist, highly adept in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat and in the uses of many kinds of weaponry, both of the 20th and 40th Centuries.

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