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X-Men (AoA)
Reality changed. The son of Charles Xavier, the boy named Legion, traveled back in time to murder his father’s greatest enemy, Magneto. Legion believed he would be creating a better world. He was wrong.

Years before Charles Xavier would form the X-Men, he chose to sacrifice his own life to save that of Erik Lehnsherr, the man who would one day be known as Magneto. This led to the creation of a new timeline and reality. The X-Men of the normal Marvel Universe would never be, but Magneto would form his own team of mutant heroes, naming them X-Men in memory of his fallen friend. Magneto would do his best to live up to Xavier’s dream of peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants, but ultimately, he would fail.

The X-Men were formed to face the tyrannical mutant conqueror known as Apocalypse. But in this new reality Apocalypse was too strong and Magneto was not able to stop him. He and his X-Men fought valiantly but were forced into hiding. For years they existed as an insurgent team fighting for humans and mutants in an effort to release everyone from the rule of Apocalypse.

When it appeared all hope was lost, the lone remnant of the Marvel Universe’s X-Men appeared. The mysterious man known as Bishop told Magneto of a better world, a world that should have been. Magneto believed Bishop and sent his X-Men on various missions to change history. They succeeded. Magneto and his X-Men freed the world from Apocalypse’s tyranny and the original timeline was restored. But something else happened as well. The Age of Apocalypse survived. Now, Magneto’s X-Men have a bigger task: convincing the world that mutants and humans can live together peacefully.

Today, as they attempt to round up any remaining allies of Apocalypse and create a new world order with humans and mutants living side by side, a new threat is about to emerge, one the X-Men thought was dead and buried...

Known Members and status:
Magneto - Leader/Founder
Rogue - Team Leader
Quicksilver - Team Leader
Beak - Active
Dazzler - Active
Gambit - Active
Kirika - Active
Nightcrawler - Active
Silver Samurai - Active
Storm - Active
Sunfire - Active
Weapon X - Active
Wolfsbane - Active

Banshee - Deceased
Colossus - Deceased
Jean Grey - Deceased
Scarlet Witch - Deceased
Shadow Cat - Deceased
Blink - Missing
Exodus - Missing (Presumed Deceased)
Iceman - Missing (Presumed Deceased)
Morph - Missing (Presumed Deceased)
Sabretooth - Missing
Wild Child - Missing (Presumed Deceased)
Xorn - Deceased

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