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FORMER MEMBERS: Cable, Bedlam, Cannonball, Copycat, Feral, Moonstar, Rictor, Siryn, Boom-Boom, Sunspot, Warpath, Caliban, Domino, Shatterstar
FIRST APPEARANCE: New Mutants #100 (1991)

HISTORY: X-Force was created from the team known as the New Mutants by the mutant known as Cable. After most of the New Mutants went their separate ways, Cable reorganized the team, which consisted of the mutants Cannonball, Boom-Boom (later renamed as Meltdown), Warpath (now known as Proudstar), Shatterstar, Feral, and "Domino." (Note: It was later revealed that "Domino" was actually a shapeshifter named Copycat. The real Domino joined the group after she was rescued).

Where the other X-teams believe in protecting humans from evil mutants, X-Force has adopted a proactive attitude towards mutant terrorists. Cable's basic philosophy, which he relates to his team, is "Get them before they get you." X-Force has been involved in attacks on mutants such as the Mutant Liberation Front, and has itself been branded early in its career as a group of terrorists.

X-Force has continued its status as an outlaw band of mutants, dodging both their enemies and the government agents of Operation: Zero Tolerance.

FIRST APPEARANCE: New Mutants #100 (1991)

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