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CURRENT MEMBERS: Boyo, Colossusus, Creepy Crawler, Cyke, Kid Britain, Locksteed, Prof (Charlie X), Psychilde, Shadowkitty, Shower, Sugah, Wolvie; analogs of Angel/Archangel, Beast, Bishop, Cannonball, Dazzler, Havok, Iceman, Karma, Longshot, Magik, Magma, Marvel Girl, Meggan, Mirage, Phoenix, Sunfire, Sunspot, Thunderbird, Warlock, Widget, Wolfsbane
MITEY 'VENGERS: Big Boy, Captain Amerikid, Hawkey, Iron Ace, Thunderson, and Wisp
BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANT BULLIES: Juggernut, Magneato, Mysti Q, Phyro; Slob, Snaggletooth, Toadpole
EVIL BABIES: Apocalypthe, the Centennials, Funhouse; analogs of a Brood, Bullseye, Dr. Doom, Green Goblin, Kingpin, Kraven, Lizard, Mr. Sinister, Punisher, Red Skull, Sebastian Shaw, Thanos, Venom, Vulture
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Clubhouse for Gifted Youngsters, Umbrella Forest, Mojoworld
FIRST APPEARANCE: Uncanny X-Men Annual #12 (1988)

HISTORY: The media mogul Mojo ruled his world's entertainarchy; his greatest success was live continual telecasts of the X-Men's lives. When the X-Men apparently sacrificed themselves to stop the Adversary and were presumed dead, Mojo's ratings fell. At his brain trust's suggestion, he and his servant Spiral used neoplasm to create sentient animated celluloid beings, forming X-Men-like teams: X-Women, robotic X-Men, X¬Chimps, musical X-Men, X-Mimes, and numerous others. Each creation was destroyed in favor of the next until they hit upon the X-Babies - toddler versions of the X-Men. Mojo had previously reverted the original X-Men to infants with good ratings success and the X-Babies proved as popular, despite Mojo's personal dislike of them; however, the X-Babies escaped, taking Mojo's pilot Ricochet Rita with them and Mojo sent the Trademark Police after them to ensure his ownership of the team.

The X-Babies escaped into Mojoworld's Crossover House and fled to Earth-616, the original X-Men's home, though Rita was recaptured. Mojo had Rita transformed into the Agent and then sent her to pursue the X-Babies. The team found Kitty Pryde and recruited her to help protect them. Both Excalibur and WHO (the Weird Happenings Organization) came to their aid, and the Agent was restored to her Ricochet Rita identity and the X-Babies freed: however, Rita was still under contract to Mojo, and the X-Babies agreed to return to Mojoworld in exchange for Rita's freedom. Unable to abandon the X-Babies to Mojo's clutches, Rita followed after.

Mojo was eventually overthrown in a rebellion led by Longshot and Dazzler, and rebel elements decided to kill the X-Babies, whom they saw as representative of Mojo's rule. Gog and Magog hunted the team down and the X-Babies again fled to Earth-616, with half the team seeking aid from Bishop and Gambit, and the others seeking aid from Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Iceman. The X-Men protected the X-Babies from Gog and Magog until Dazzler showed up to order the pair to stand down; she agreed to take the X-Babies to Longshot's palace royale and protect them. They soon constructed a far away home for the X-Babies, a treehouse in the Umbrella Forest known as the Clubhouse for Gifted Youngsters, where the X-Babies were taught by their "big brother," Charlie X (also known as the Prof). The X-Babies became protectors of the surrounding area, rescuing the sprite-like Fix when they were attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies (BOMB). Mojo, again ruling Mojoworld, and his first Evil Baby, Funhouse (an Arcade analog), sent the Centennials (giant cartoon robots) after the X-Babies and BOMB, and pitted both teams against each other in the trivia and deathtrap game show "Murderama." Though poor at trivia, the X-Babies held their own in the deathtrap portion, with Cyke acquiring a new ally in the giant dragon¬ like Locksteed, and Charlie X eventually led a team of 23 X-Babies to the rescue of the captured six.

When Psychilde was wounded in a training accident in the Danger Playpen, she began to degenerate into the neoplasm from which the X-Babies had been created. The X-Babies stored Psychilde in a jar and transported her across the crazy-quilt landscape of their world to Mold's studios, hoping to cure her there. Spiral's attempts to steal Psychilde's jar failed, and Mojo eventually sent his Mitey 'Vengers against the team; their Iron Ace stole the jar and returned it. Mojo and Spiral used Psychilde's neoplasm to create new Babies, but Iron Ace and the 'Vengers rebelled against Mojo, causing the "monster-maker" machinery to explode. Psychilde survived, transformed into an Asian form, and the X-Babies and 'Vengers fled, though unbeknownst to them Mojo and Spiral had succeeded in creating several Evil Babies (who would later battle the Exiles). The 'Vengers took up residence in an abandoned school and began training the nearby children in 'Vengers Schoolhouse, while the X-Babies returned to their Clubhouse.

Mojo later created Evil Babies in the image of the "Age of Apocalypse: and Apocalypthe led his soldiers against the Dazzler's palace, destroying it. Though the X-Babies' role in that battle is unrevealed, they did survive and were later briefly pulled again to Earth-616 when a scheme by Mephisto drew myriad alternate reality X-Men teams into that universe.

NOTE: Mojo and Spiral twice de-aged the X-Men into "X-Babies," but these teams were unrelated to the true X-Babies.

NOTE: The above information was copied from “All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12”

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