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An attack by Apocalypse's Four Horsemen against Manhattan resulted in a blackout, convincing many residents that a nuclear war had erupted. A Vietnam veteran calling himself Ammo organized a gang which included an unruly pair of street-dwellers who called themselves the Wildboys. Ammo believed the doctrine that only the strongest should survive, and he sent the Wildboys to steal food, fuel, weapons, and drugs during the blackout. The Wildboys intended to take over the entire city, but Ammo was imprisoned by the costumed crimefighter known as Daredevil and the city soon returned to normal.

The Wildboys lost their delusions of grandeur and began committing crime sprees of a less dramatic nature. The following Christmas, the Wildboys began looting and pillaging the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen in their souped-up 1968 Pontiac convertible. Daredevil ended their reign of terror and placed them in police custody.

Sometime later, the Wildboys were freed by the criminal seductress Typhoid. Together with Ammo, Bullet, and Bushwacker, they defeated Daredevil and nearly killed him. The Wildboys then continued to terrorize the streets of Hell's Kitchen. At one point they inadvertently brought a cocaine dealer to justice when they attempted to steal his drug profits and ran afoul of the police.

The Wildboys, Jet and Spit, remain at large at this time, still committing violent acts of vandalism. It is unknown whether the Wildboys have any other members than the two listed here.

Jet and Spit possess the normal human strength of men their ages, heights, and builds who engage in intensive regular exercise. Neither of them have any known superhuman powers. Jet and Spit are highly formidable street-fighters and are greatly skilled in the use of knives and other conventional street hardware. Spit is also very acrobatic.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Daredevil #253

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