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The Warwolves were originally a pack of six sentient lupine servants artificially created through genetic engineering under the supervision of Mojo, the non-humanoid ruler of an other-dimensional world. There is an entire race of artificially created servants on this world, of which the X-Man Longshot is just one.

Rachel Summers, the X-Man called Phoenix, was severely wounded, and she was subsequently captured and rendered amnesiac by the extra dimensional bounty hunter, Spiral, who took her to her master, Mojo.

In some manner, Phoenix managed to escape back to Earth through an interdimensional portal. She arrived in London, England, pursued on Mojo's behalf by the Warwolves. Captain Britain, Meggan, Nightcrawler, and Shadowcat aided Phoenix in fighting off the Warwolves, and later they decided to join forces as a team to battle evil.

The Warwolves make their den near the Hob's End Station of the London Underground mass transportation tunnel. Phoenix killed the pack member called Bowzer during their first encounter. Excalibur killed another Warwolf shortly thereafter, dropping their total number to four.

The Warwolves later exhibited the power to drain the life essence of their victims and wear the actual skin and clothing of the victims to masquerade as people, or anything else they can "skin." The Warwolves alter their shape after they have donned their skins to resemble their prey perfectly.

Shadowcat masqueraded as Phoenix in order to provoke the Warwolves into attacking her so Excalibur could defeat them once and for all. The plan worked and the disguised Warwolves mistook her for Phoenix. They overcame her phasing power (suggesting that their powers to fit into a person's skin work in a similar way to Shadowcat's phasing ability) and they captured her, bringing her to their den.

Upon discovering she was not Phoenix, the female Warwolf called Ducks attempted to drain her spirit and don her flesh. However, Shadowcat's phasing power again interacted in a bizarre fashion with the Warwolf so that it did not simply steal her essence, but instead it absorbed her entire being. This process resulted in an amalgamation of Shadowcat and Ducks. In effect, Shadowcat had possessed Ducks and had donned her skin. Finally, with the help of Excalibur, Shadowcat shed the skin of her abductor in the same fashion they shed their prized skins (i.e. through the mouth).

Because of the Warwolves' nonhuman nature, Excalibur did not find it feasible to bring them to trial. Instead they imprisoned the four predators in a public exhibit at the London Zoo where they are still on display. The names of the other Warwolves are Scarper, Popsie, and Jacko.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Excalibur Special Edition #1

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