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Ironclad (Michael "Mike" Steel): lift 60 tons, possesses steel-hard skin, and can increase his own weight to an unknown limit
Vapor (Ann Darnell): convert to any type of gas at will, including anesthetic, noxious, corrosive, and explosive types
Vector (Simon Utrecht): telekinetically repel any object--up to ten times what he can physically lift--with great force and velocity, though he cannot bring objects towards himself
X-Ray (James "Jimmy" Darnell): fly and project hard radiation in all of its forms; energy form immune to most forms of physical harm

FIRST APPEARANCE: Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #254 (1988)

HISTORY: Seeking to emulate the space flight that granted superhuman powers to the Fantastic Four, millionaire industrialist Simon Utrecht financed his own rocket ship mission. Alongside pilot Mike Steel, engineer Jimmy Darnell, and technical specialist Ann Darnell, Utrecht deliberately exposed himself to cosmic radiation, hoping to gain superpowers. In spite of the isolation of their launch site, their take-off was witnessed by Bruce Banner. As the radiation began to do its work. Bruce guided their ship back down, believing them to be in distress. Calling themselves the U-Foes, the now super powered foursome attacked their rescuer, angry that he had interrupted the flight. Banner transformed into the Hulk, but in the end the U-Foes increasing powers caused their downfall. Ironclad found himself sinking towards the center of the Earth. X-Ray was racked with agony and launched himself into space. Vapor, unable to maintain cohesion, was dispersed in the wind. Vector found that his power repelled even the oxygen he needed to breathe, before sending him flying away from the surface of the Earth.

Luckily, for the U-Foes they managed to gain control of their abilities before any of them died, and months later they faced the Hulk again. They succeeded in capturing their foe, and planned to publicly execute him on live television, but Bereet used her alien technology to distract the U-Foes while she and Rick Jones freed the Hulk. Possessing Banners intellect, the Hulk outwitted and overpowered the U-Foes. Taken into custody, they escaped some time later, but were forced out of sync with Earth by Vector's powers and found themselves at the Crossroads dimension, where they faced the Hulk for a third time. This time, the virtually mindless Hulk was assisted by the alien Puffball Collective, which guided the Hulk in trapping each of the U-Foes in a different dimension that neutralized their powers.

Returned to Earth's reality through the powers of the mutant known as Portal, the U-Foes came into conflict with the Avengers and the mercenary superhuman Puma. Since then the team seems to have found a niche working as villains-for-hire. They were recruited by the Leader to attack the Pantheon's base, the Mount, acting as a diversion while their employer negotiated with Agamemnon. The four have worked for the Master of the World, orchestrating a breakout from the Vault super-prison, capturing Luke Cage and battling the Heroes for Hire. The U-Foes have most recently been incarcerated at Pym Experimental Penitentiary Number One, a miniaturized super-villain prison more commonly known as "The Big House."

NOTE: Information taken from "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Hulk 2004"

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