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The Technet is a team of bounty hunters from various other dimensional worlds. For a price they will hunt down and capture fugitive sentient beings, rescue prisoners from captivity, or track down and retrieve lost object of value. The Technet range through time, space, and various dimensions in their operations. Some of members of the Technet are the following.

The leader of the Technet is Gatecrasher, a tall, massive blue skinned female. She has certain telepathic abilities, the limits of which have not been established. Her size gives her unusual strength, but though she will engage in hand-to-hand combat, she lacks skill and training in this area.

Gatecrasher is invariably accompanied by Yap (whom Gatecrasher often disparagingly calls "Bonebag"), a small, sentient being who can teleport himself and his companions across vast distances. Yap can dedetect the psychic auras of individuals and the electron patterns created by such as Captain Britain's battlesuit. By three means Yap can track down specific individuals. Yap has telepathic powers whose limits are undefined. Yap has an intense emotional dependency on Gatecrasher and refers to her as "mother," usually to Gatecrasher's annoyance.

Bodybag is an enormous reptilian biped, who secretes containing a natural toxin that instantaneously paralyzes all the voluntary muscles of Bodybag's victims and renders the victim's conscious mind blank. Hence, for example, the autonomic functions of one of Bodybag's victims, like the heartbeat, will continue, but the victim will be unable to move his or her limbs. Bodybag will consume one of his victims, who will be held within a cocoon on Bodybag's back. The cocoons contain a narcotic that keeps Bodybag's victims paralyzed. Bodybag can keep only three victims thus entrapped simultaneously, each in a separate cocoon. If the cocoon is broken open, the victim will soon regain his or her ability to think, access to his or her memory, and control over his or her voluntary muscles.

China Doll has a humanoid body above the waist and a serpentine one beneath. By touching someone or something she can cause him, her, or it to shrink in size.

Elmo is a pink-skinned, non-humanoid alien with immense eyes and tentacles who can "dampen" the energy level of other beings.

Ferro is a four-armed biped with fur who is a master swordsman, and wields swords with all four of his arms.

Joyboy resembles a grotesquely large-headed and corpulent humanoid infant. Joyboy can telepathically detect a person's greatest desire and then use his psionic abilities to transform the person in order to make it come true. Hence, at a time when Shadowcat was unable to achieve her full normal density and wanted to be solid. Joyboy made her solid but absurdly fat. If Joyboy loses consciousness, his transformations of others are immediately undone.

Ringtoss can emit rings composed of an unknown form of energy from his head to entrap an opponent. The rings cease to exist when Ringtoss loses consciousness

Scatterbrain, also known as Fascination, is a yellow-skinned female humanoid alien who is apparently incapable of speech and who subsists on the excess emotional energy of sentient beings. Scatterbrain can render a victim temporarily helpless by firing all of the victim's neural synapses at once. Scatterbrain can fly and can also apparently teleport herself.

Thug is a short, squat green biped with unusual strength for his size.

In the Technet's first recorded exploit, they were hired by Opul Lun Sat-yr-nyn, the other dimensional counterpart of Opal Luna Saturnyne on an alternate Earth, to hunt down and bring back Byron Bra-Dhok, alias Kaptain Briton, the other dimensional counterpart to "mainstream" Earth's Captain Britain. Kaptain Briton fled to Captain Britain's Earth, fought Captain Britain and switched costumes with him, thereby deceiving the pursuing Technet, who then mistakenly took Captain Britain prisoner. The Technet brought Captain Britain to Sat-yr-nyn's Earth. There Captain Britain convinced the Technet that he was not the man they had been hired to capture, and the Technet joined Captain Britain in battling the angry Sat-yr-nyn's troops. Captain Britain returned to his own Earth, where his sister, Betsy had killed Kaptain Briton when he attempted to assault her.

Later, the Technet traveled on business to the Wereworlds, whose natives become werewolves under a full moon. Here Elmo, a member of the Tachnet, was gravely wounded by werewolves. Subsequently, Gatecrasher either seriously injured or killed a member of the Berserker Pirates who attempted to interest her in becoming his lover. The pirate's family forced the Technet to turn over all their accumulated wealth as reparations. Angered by this reversal in their fortunes, all of the members of the Technet except for Yap and Fascination left the team.

Gatecrasher then went to a celebration held by the despot of Kandahar. A person she believed to be the despot himself hired her to procure a perfect mathematical model of the universe that was made of rock crystal and that was held and revered by the Incas of 14th century Peru on Captain Britain's Earth. Gatecrasher, Yap, and Fascination journeyed through time to obtain the model, but Gatecrasher and Yap were tricked by the person they believed to be a native high priest into consuming fruit filled with the eggs of deadly parasites. Gatecrasher and Yap were thus forced to remain under a cooling waterfall to prevent the eggs inside them from hatching and consuming their bodies from within. In actuality, an alien had impersonated both the despot of Kandahar and the high priest, and hoped to force Gatecrasher into his employ through this convoluted plot. This alien had already succeeded in hiring the members of the Technet who had just left the group.

Fascination brought Captain Britain and his companion Meggan to 14th century Peru to rescue Gatecrasher. Captain Britain gathered together the plants necessary to create the antidote that would kill the parasite eggs. Gatecrasher and Yap consumed the antidote, and then they, Fascination, Captain Britain, and Meggan returned to their own time period.

Gatecrasher recruited new members into the Technet, and a few former members rejoined. At some point during this period, Fascination changed her name to Scatterbrain.

Opal Luna Saturnyne hired the Technet to capture Rachel Summers, alias Phoenix, whom Saturnyne claimed was a threat to the universe. Summers, Captain Britain, Meggan, and Summers' fellow X-Men Nightcrawler and Shadowcat fought off the Technet, who then retreated. This battle against the Technet led directly to the formation of the team Excalibur by Summers and her allies.

The Technet had established a headquarters on a pier in the English seacoast city of Brighton.

The current status of the team is unknown at this time. But it is believed to be disbanded.

FIRST AMERICAN APPEARANCE: Excalibur Special Edition #1

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