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Supreme Soviets

The Supreme Soviets are a Soviet team of costumed champions who operate under the supervision of the Special Powers Committee of the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The team's membership consists of the fifth Crimson Dynamo; Fantasia; Perun the storm god of Russian mythology; the third Red Guardian; and the android Sputnik.

The origins of the individual members of the Supreme Soviets have not yet been discovered. The current Dynamo, Dmitri Bykharin, is the fifth man to be known by that code name, and joined the Supreme Soviets after being expelled from another team, the Soviet Super-Soldiers. The third Red Guardian is the successor to the original Soviet operative by that name, Alexi Shostakov, who is now deceased. The second Red Guardian, Dr. Tania Belinskaya, was actually a vigilante operating without the approval of the Soviet government. Apparently, the gods of Russian mythology are actual superhuman beings, presumably from another dimension, like the gods of Egyptian, Greek, and Norse mythology. The circumstances by which the gods, Perun, came to work for the Soviet government have yet to be disclosed.

Presumably the Soviet government organized the Supreme Soviets after its original team of superhuman operatives, the Soviet Super-Soldier, refused as a matter of conscience to take further orders from the government. (The Super-Soldiers, however, did make some subsequent exceptions to this rule.) The fifth Crimson Dynamo served with the Soviet Super-Soldiers as a spy of the Soviet government until the Soviet Super-Soldiers discovered his true loyalties and expelled him from their team. The Soviet Super-Soldiers' fifth member, the Gremlin, died in action. Finally, when the Soviet government tried to force the three remaining Soviet Super-Soldiers, Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Vanguard, to enlist in the new Supreme Soviet team, the three decided to defect to the United States. The three Super-Soldiers went to Avenger Island, then the headquarters of the American team of champions known as the Avengers, seeking political asylum. The Avenger Captain America allowed them to stay at the island while he contacted the United States State Department on their behalf.

In their first documented mission, the Supreme Soviets went to Avenger Island to punish the Soviet Super-Soldiers for their attempted defection, Fantasia used her ability to cast illusions to disguise the Red Guardian, Perun, the Crimson Dynamo, and Sputnik as the Avengers Captain America, Thor Iron Man and the Vision, respectively. Fantasia used her power to render herself as an invisible onlooker to the ensuing battle. Thus, disguised, the Red Guardian challenged the Super-Soldiers to combat against himself and his fellow Avengers to test the Super-Soldiers' superhuman abilities. Battling ruthlessly agains their unsuspecting opponents, the Supreme Soviets defeated the Super-Soldiers, leaving all three in critical condition. The Supreme Soviets then departed, believing the Avengers would be blamed for what had happened to the Super-Soldiers.

The Super-Soldiers were hospitalized at the Avengers' infirmary, but soon all three seemed to die, Meanwhile, Captain America traveled to the Soviet Union to discover if the attack on the Soviet Super-Soldiers was sanctioned by the Soviet government itself. While he was there, an enormous bear-like monster, apparently composed of the Darkforce, the strange substance commanded by Darkstar, rampaged through Moscow. Captain America fought the monster on three separate occasions. On the second, the Red Guardian, who was sucked into the monster when he tried to rescue a young boy from being trampled by it, joined Captain America. On the third occasion Captain America and the other Supreme Soviets battled the creature as it attacked the Kremlin. The creature absorbed the four Supreme Soviets. Captain America himself entered the creature to discover the spirits of the three Soviet Super-Soldiers inside it, animating the behemoth. The spirits explained they were draining the superhuman energies and life forces of the Supreme Soviets in order to restore their own bodies to life. The spirits acknowledged that this process would kill the Supreme Soviets. Captain America persuaded the spirits that it was wrong to kill the Supreme Soviets. The spirits and the behemoth then vanished, leaving the Supreme Soviets, still alive but unconscious, and Captain America on the ground.

Captain America returned to Avenger Island to discover that the three Soviet Super-Soldiers were making a rapid recovery. The three recalled having a dream, which their spirits left their bodies, joined together as a great beast, and took revenge on the Supreme Soviets for attacking them. Darkstar, Ursa Major, and Vanguard did not realize their "dream" actually happened. Captain America has still not determined whether or not the Soviet government was behind the Supreme Soviets' attack on the Super-Soldiers.

Presumably the Supreme Soviets have by now recovered from the behemoth's attack

First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #352

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