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Six Pack

Formerly known as the Wild Pack, this team of mercenaries led by Cable included in its ranks Domino, Grizzly, Hammer, Kane (now Weapon X II), and George Washington Bridge, warriors who felt uncomfortable working in any rigid, sanctioned system. Little is known about the operation of this team. Most or all of their missions were paid for by unknown benefactors and most or all records of their activities have been deemed classified by both the American and Canadian governments. (The team changed its name to the Six Pack as a result of threatened legal action by Silver Sable's mercenary team, also called the Wild Pack.)

The team disbanded after confronting Stryfe on a mission to retrieve a disk containing important information. Stryfe captured Kane and wanted to trade Kane's life for the disk. Hammer wanted to trade, but Cable ordered Hammer not to give in to Stryfe. Hammer disobeyed the order and proceeded to give the disk to Stryfe. Cable shot Hammer in the back, leaving Hammer a paraplegic. The team disbanded and Cable became a wanted man. With the help of S.H.I.E.L.D., years later G. W. Bridge, Kane, and Grizzly created Weapon PRIME in an attempt to capture Cable.

Known as X-Force. Later, Kane, who was hunting Cable, joined forces with Cable against Stryfe and the Mutant Liberation Front in Mexico. Kane's life was, once again, in the hands of Stryfe. Cable, once again, had to make a choice--Kane's life or the information on the disk. Cable gave in to Stryfe but destroyed the disk when Stryfe let Kane go. Cable fought Stryfe and almost lost Kane due to serious injuries incurred during the battle. Cable brought Kane to the 40th Century of an alternate future, where Kane received highly advanced cyborg body parts, and became the ally of Cable and the Clan Chosen rebels. Recently, Cable has returned to the present.

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