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Mutant Liberation Front

The Mutant Liberation Front is a team created by the time-traveling terrorist Stryfe. Gathered from all over the world, these young mutants were coerced, cajoled, and connived into joining the group and standing for its ideals. Their mission is to lash out at Homo Sapiens in the name of Homo Superiors around the globe. Their methods are violent and extreme. Only the combined might of Xavier’s teams was able to put a stop to them.

After the defeat of the first group, a mysterious mutant, Reignfire, freed four former members from captivity. Reaper, Forearm, Tempo, and Wildside, under the leadership of Reignfire, mounted new and even more violent attacks on humanity, most notably, the kidnapping of Henry Peter Gyrich. The Mutant Liberation Front held Gyrich as a prisoner of war until Cable and X-Force, rescued him. They succeeded in their mission, but it cost them Roberto DaCosta, their teammate known as Sunspot.

Some months later, Reignfire returned to battle X-Force and revealed himself to be their missing teammate, Sunspot. With the intervention of Cable, Roberto’s Reignfire persona was integrated into his normal psyche, and Sunspot returned to X-Force.

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