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The Hellions was a team of adolescent mutants being trained in the use of their superhuman powers by Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. The members of the Hellions all registered as students at the Massachusetts Academy, a private school located in Snow Valley in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts. Frost was headmistress of the school and it was here that she secretly trained the Hellions in using their powers. It was Frost's intention that the Hellions, when fully trained, would serve the interests of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, which seeks to amass political and economic power through both legal and illegal means. However, the individual Hellions varied in their motivations, and not all of them leaned towards criminality. Most of the Hellions were killed on a mission and the Hellions ceased to exist. It has recently come to light that Gateway may have had something to do with their deaths.

The Hellions often came into conflict with Professor Xavier's second generation of students, the New Mutants, and the two teams settled into an almost friendly rivalry rather than cold hatred. However, criminal mutant Trevor Fitzroy killed half the Hellions during an unsuccessful peace conference with the X-Men. Their deaths so shook Frost she abandoned her evil ways and agreed to become headmistress of Generation X, a team of mutant teens learning to use their abilities for the greater good of mankind.

Subsequently, Christopher Aaronson -- long-lost brother of X-Force's Jesse Aaronson (Bedlam) -- assembled a second group of Hellions and assumed the name King Bedlam. Unlike their predecessors, these Hellions have no connection to the American branch of the Hellfire Club. Instead, they are an autonomous collective of alpha-class mutants who intend to claim the respect and position they feel their elite classification warrants.

Fearing his potential to destroy the world, the new Hellions broke into a Department of Defense warehouse in Utah to retrieve the Armageddon Man -- one of the first recorded mutants, kept in suspended animation by the military for more than 40 years. King Bedlam manipulated his brother to lure X-Force to his Santa Lucia compound. Once the mutants had been captured, King Bedlam used them to release the Armageddon Man. But Tarot betrayed the Hellions, freeing the members of X-Force from Paradigm's control and allowing them to stop the Armageddon Man.

Original Members:
Catseye (dead)
Jetstream (dead)
Roulette (dead)
Tarot (dead)
Beef (dead)
Bevatron (dead)
Firestar (currently a reserve member of the Avengers)
Warpath (now called Proudstar; currently a member of X-Force)

Current Members:
King Bedlam

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