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First Line

FORMER MEMBERS: Black Fox (Robert Paine), Blackjack, Dr. Mime, Eternal Brain (William Carmody), Firefall, Flatiron (Russell), Frank (Frankenstein Monster), Katyusha (Anya), Knight Templar (Ian Fitzwilliam Dare), Liberty Girl (Beverly), Major Mercury (Makkari), Mister Justice (a.k.a. Kid Justice, Tim Carney), Morph, Nightingale, Oxbow (Sam Matonabbe), Pixie, Positron (Ronnie), Rapunzel, Rebound, Reflex, Vulcan, Walkabout, Yankee Clipper (Patrick Carney), Yeti; others unspecified
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Originally Rocky Mountains, Colorado; later Carmody Institute, New England, on coast of Maine
FIRST APPEARANCE: Marvel: The Lost Generation #2 (2000)

HISTORY: For decades the First Line defended the world from threats both home-grown and alien. The group formed in 1958 when Yankee Clipper, Liberty Girl, and Black Fox were brought together by Agent Scott of the NSA to investigate security breaches at a Long Island research center, where scientists were secretly studying a downed UFO. There the heroes encountered both the Monster Hunters and a couple of super-villains hired by Zuhn, the Skrull whose ship was being examined. Ironically Agent Scott was really Velmax, Zuhn's shipmate, though neither alien recognized the other. Zuhn shot Velmax with a bio-moleculizer, causing him to lose control of his form, but the heroes assumed he had been mutated. Velmax became the metamorph Effigy, joining with Nightingale, a healer, and the three heroes he had gathered to form the First Line at the Clipper's suggestion.

Over the years the group gained and lost members, and fought threats such as Red Front, the Yellow Claw, the amnesiac Sub-Mariner, the Nazi Rumor, the mind-controlled Venus, the lunatic therianthrope Howler, the criminal Typhoon, Axis, the Scythe, the vampiric Nocturne, Kang, Warlord Kro and the Deviant, Black Jack and Positron; the latter two remain reformed and joined the Line themselves. Among their allies were Hipster (later Captain Hip), Sunshine, Thor, Nick Fury, and Doctor Strange, and several of the adventures were covertly witnessed by 22nd century time-traveler Cassandra Locke.

The team faced both triumphs and tragedies. In November 1963 Liberty Girl was slain Chimera (Zuhn in a new identity), and Yankee Clipper was lost to them, sent hurtling decades into the future. In 1969 the stopped a Skrull plan to destroy the Apollo 11 lander on the Moon; Mr. Justice placed evidence there proving Skrull plots which thwart the shapeshifters again in Locke’s era. Around 1973 the group disbanded rather than let Nixon use them to suppress Watergate, and Effigy became reporter Bob Woodward’s “Deep Throat.”

A new incarnation of the team formed in the early 1980’s to rescue Mr. Justice, who had been shot down over Halwan, but their mission proved to be a decoy; Blackjack was killed and Black Fox quit in disgust. Effigy, however, decided to keep the Line together as a loose-knit grouping lasting several years. Another member, the Inhuman Yeti, lost control in an unspecified conflict involving Rapunzel, after which he exiled himself in shame.

Origin (Marvel: The Lost Generation #2, 2001)
Death of Liberty Girl, loss of Yankee Clipper (Marvel: The Lost Generation #4, 2000)
Team disbanded due to Nixon (Marvel: The Lost Generation #7, 2000)
Team re-formed for Halwan mission (Marvel: The Lost Generation #9, 2000)
Team died stopping Skrull fleet (Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, 2000)

NOTE: Information copied from "The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Teams 2005"

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