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The Death-Throws are a band of five costumed jugglers who use their great talent, coordination, and agility for criminal purposes. Very little is known about the individual and collective backgrounds of the five members of Death-Throws. Presumably, their acknowledged leader Ringleader was instrumental in organizing them. The first member of the Death-Throws to gain notoriety in the New York area was Oddball; during the time he left the team to work for the costumed subversive Crossfire. While in Crossfire's employ, Oddball met the demolitions expert Bombshell. Oddball and Bombshell were assigned by Crossfire to capture Hawkeye and Mockingbird to use in the subversive's plan to rid New York of its superhuman crimefighter. Oddball and Bombshell were taken into custody after being defeated by their intended victims, but were soon bailed out by Oddball's brother Tenpin. Oddball decided to teach Bombshell the art of jugglery apparently in order to win her affections; Bombshell became accomplished at the art so quickly that she was soon invited to join the Death-Throws.

The Death-Throws' first known assignment after recruiting Bombshell was breaking Crossfire out of police custody before he could stand trial. This assignment brought them into conflict with both Hawkeye and Captain America.

First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #317

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