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Damage Control
Damage Control, Inc. is a Manhattan-based engineering and construction company that specializes in the cleanup, repair, and restoration of property damaged through the destructive activities of superhuman beings. Damage Control has achieved a near monopoly of this field, which has proved to be tremendously lucrative for the organization.

Damage Control's headquarters is in the Flatiron Building at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan. The company also maintains a combination warehouse and workshop that is the size of an athletic stadium and is located in New Jersey.

Damage Control is headed by Mrs. Anne Marie Hoag, whose title is Director of Operations. All account executives and other executives of Damage Control report to her.

Other executives of Damage Control include Vice President in Charge of Marketing Henry Ackerdson, Traffic Officer Robin Chapel, Comptroller Albert Cleary, and Head of Research and Development Eugene Strausser. John Porter is one of the firm's many account executives who deal with individual cases of companies or individuals seeking Damage Control's services. Other company personnel include Head Foreman Lenny Ballinger, college intern John "Bart'' Rozum, a receptionist named Anne, and a security guard named Jay.

In total, Damage Control. Inc. has about three hundred permanent employees. However, Damage Control often subcontracts construction, engineering, and other work to other companies.

Damage Control, Inc. has worked with the team of superhuman champions known as the Avengers almost from the beginning of the latter organization. After the destruction of Avengers Mansion resulting from its takeover by the Masters of Evil, Damage Control successfully carried out a commission by the Avengers to convert the former site of the mansion into a park.

After the destruction of the Baxter Building, the original headquarters of the Fantastic Four, Damage Control, together with the SHIELD Corps of Engineers, repaired the damage to the neighborhood and built the Fantastic Four's new headquarters complex, Four Freedoms Plaza, on the site according to the specifications of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards.

Damage Control not only does work for superhuman beings, but also for the New York City government, the federal government, private companies (including Stark Enterprises), and even private individuals. For example, Damage Control has often done repair work for Josie's Bar, a drinking establishment that has often been the site of physical contention between the costumed crimefighter Daredevil and underworld figures.

Individuals and companies often pay for Damage Control's services through EAA (Extraordinary Activity Assurance) policies, popularly known as "super hero insurance." Clients who are not covered by such policies can apply for funds from New York City's unique Federal Disaster Area Stipend (FedDAS) to cover the cost of Damage Control's services. (Due to the continual battles of superhuman beings within New York City, the federal government has made New York City eligible for financial assistance as a disaster area indefinitely.)

Damage Control uses construction and engineering techniques in advance of most other companies, enabling the organization to perform its repair and reconstruction work within remarkably short spaces of time.

Damage Control maintains a toll-free number for clients: 1-800-555-MEND.

First Appearance: MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #19

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