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The Commission on Superhuman Activities is a specially appointed task force that operates under the direct command of the President of the United States and that has been charged with the task of supervising America's so-called "superhuman resources," or, in other words, American citizens possessing superhuman powers.

The full scope of the Commission's powers has yet to be revealed. It is not yet known to what lengths the Commission will go to locate Americans with superhuman abilities and to supervise their activities. The Commission's task was made easier by the recently passed Mutant Powers Registration Act, which requires that all mutants with superhuman abilities register themselves as such with the federal government.

It has been made clear that the Commission will take action against any superhumans whom its members regard as threats to national security After the government ended its direct ties with the Avengers, the Commission sought to form a team of superhumans who would operate under their own direction to cope with threats posed by other superhumans. Commission member Dr. Valerie Cooper founded the team that the Commission wanted when Mystique, leader of the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, offered her group's services to the government. Dr. Cooper now supervises the activities of the Brotherhood, now renamed Freedom Force, for the Commission, and has had other superhumans inducted into the team.

The Commission summoned Steven Rogers, alias Captain America, to appear before it and pointed out to him that his costume, his shield and even the very name and concept of Captain America were created by the federal government; hence, the Commission claimed, they were all federal property. Moreover, the Commission asserted that Rogers had never been officially discharged from the United States Army. Hence, the Commission demanded that Rogers stop acting as a free agent in the role of Captain America and that he instead operate solely under the direction of the federal government. Unwilling to agree to the Commission's terms, Rogers abandoned the role of Captain America. On behalf of the Commission, Dr. Cooper offered the role to John Walker, alias the Super-Patriot, who accepted it.

Douglas Rockwell, the chairman of the Commission was secretly in league with the subversive Red Skull. After the Skull murdered Rockwell, Dr. Valerie Cooper succeeded him as chairperson and reinstated Rogers as Captain America.

The current commission membership includes Orville Sanderson, George Mathers, General Haywerth, Henry Peter Gyrich (a Special Assistant to the National Security Council), Dr. Valerie Cooper, Adrian Sammish, and Avengers liaison Raymond Sikorsky, Martin Farrow and Wesley Warner.

First Appearance: CAPTAIN AMERICA #331

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