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Allience Of Evil

The Alliance of Evil is a team of superhuman mutants who acted as operatives of the mutant, Apocalypse. The superhuman powers of the Alliance members were heightened by the power of another mutant, Micheal Nowlan. The Alliance members became physically addicted to the energy Nowlan fed them that heightened the level of their powers. Nowlan attempted to sever his relationship with the Alliance, but the Alliance abducted him, battling members of X-Factor in the process. The Alliance took Nowlan to Apocalypse's Southern California base, where the X-Factor members found them. Apocalypse ordered Nowlan to increase the power of the Alliance members and Nowlan at first complied. But then Nowlan rebelled, withdrawing the energy back into himself, causing his own death. The Alliance members were captured by the police, although Apocalypse himself escaped. Subsesequently, the Allience members battled X-Factor in New York City.

First Appearance: (as a team) X-FACTOR #5

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