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Origin Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Nardea
Planet: Solon, fourth from sun
Habital: Mostly temperate, .76 covered by water
Gravity: .94 Earth
Atmosphere: .80 nitrogen, .15 oxygen
Population: 3.8 billion

Physical Characteristics:
Type: Humanoid
Eye: Two, blue
Fingers: Five (with opposable thumb)
: Five
Skin Color: Blue
Average Height: 9 ft.

Special adaptations: Although there are male and female Soons, Solons reproduce by fission, as one-celled organism do. As a result all male and female Solons are genetically identical to all others members of their own sex. All Solons have the potential for psionic power: for example, the Solon "Spinnerette" can psionically prevent vertigo in other in weightless environments, and induce vertigo in others in planetary environments. Solons become "intoxicated" in oxygen-rich atmospheres such as Earth's
Type of Government: Planetwide democracy
Level of Technology: Moderately advanced warp-drive starships. Solons use their psionic power to perform many tasks for which other races require technology
Cultural Traits: Friendly, exploratory
Names of Representatives: "Spinnerette"

First Appearance: FANTASTIC FOUR #237

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