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Origin Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Kormuk
Planet: Tayp, second from sun
Habitat: Temperate, over much of planet, small polar ice caps, .76 covered by water
Gravity: 1.2 Earth's
Atmosphere: .74 nitrogen, .23 Oxygen
Population: 3.6 billion

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Reptilian
Eyes: Two, black surrounded by red
Fingers: Four (with opposable thumb)
Toes: Four
Skin color: Green, scaled, with yellow underside
Average height: 6 ft. when standing erect

Special adaptations: Reptoids can walk erect or walk on all fours. They have superhuman strength and can use their powerful tails as weapons.
Type of government: Tribal
Level of technology: Unimpressive, no interstellar travel
Cultural traits: Savage in battle
Names of representatives: Teju
Note: Teju was among the minions of the Earth-born cyborg Korvac in the Thirtieth Century

First appearance: THOR ANNUAL #6

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