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Origin Galaxy: Andromeda
Star System: Quolan
Planet: Queeg, fourth from sun
Habitat: Large polar ice caps. .83 covered by water
Gravity: .95 Earth
Atmosphere: .75 nitrogen, .24 Oxygen
Population: 4.1 billion

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Reptilian
Eyes: Two, blue
Fingers: Three (with opposable thumb)
Toes: Four (one on back of foot)
Skin color: Green, scaled
Average height: 6 ft

Special adaptations: Queega are warm-blooded reptiles, able to generate electrical energy around their heads, perhaps for protection. Queega breathe and speak through small orifices in their foreheads. They can also project intense waves of coldness from their hands.
Type of government: Totalitarian rule by one political party
Level of technology: Interstellar ships with warp drive, teleportation, "sight-stealing" ray.
Cultural traits: Exploitative.
Names of representatives: None known

Note: The Queega send expeditions to blind the populations of planets, and then to teleport the entire mineral resources of those planets back in the Queegan solar system.

First appearance: DAREDEVIL #26

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