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Origin Galaxy: Andromeda
Star System: Bawa Kawa
Planet: Kawa (destroyed by Galactus)
Habitat: Now nonexistant.
Gravity: Now nonexistant.
Atmosphere: Now nonexistant.
Population: 58 (all living on starships)

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Reptilian/semihumanoid
Eyes: Two (on head), red pupils
Fingers: Three (including opposable thumb)
Toes: Three (two on the front of foot, one on back)
Skin color: Orange
Average height: 10 ft.

Type of government: Theocracy
Level of technology: Intermediate-level starships.
Cultural traits: Fanatically religious and obsessed with guilt and expiation.
Names of representatives: Brother Doowish, Brother Skagg

First appearance: HERCULES #3

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