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Origin Galaxy: Kree Galaxy
Star System: Pama
Original Planet: Hala, the Kree homeworld
Habitat: Water covers .65 of the planet.
Gravity: 1.75 of Earth's
Atmosphere: 1.5 Earth's density, .25 oxygen content
Population: None left on Hala, but a small number exist on most inhbited worlds known to Kree, including Earth.

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Semi-humanoid plants
Eyes: Two,Black
Fingers: None
Toes: None
Skin color: Green
Hair: None
Average height: 6 ft. 2 in.

Special adaptations: Intelligent, individual minds capable of telepathic communication among themselves and with trained Kree and humans. They require sunlight, water and contact with soil for survival, and are now incapable of mobility.
Type of government: None
Level of technology: None
Cultural traits: Love of peace and beauty.
Names of representatives: None. Possibly the Cotati have no names.

Note: The pacifistic Kree priests of Pama transplanted Cotati to every inhabited world they knew of. The eldest of Earth's Cotati resurrected and took possession of the Swordsman's body so as to mate with Mantis and father the Celestial Messiah.

First appearance: AVENGERS #133

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