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Origin Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Omacron (Herculis, Earth designation)
Planet: Clegrim-7, "The Distiller's Planet"
Habitat: .89 surface covered with water, high humidity
Gravity: 1.4 Earth
Atmosphere: 1.5 Earth density, .35 oxygen, .07 alcoholic content
Population: 4.7 million

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Snail-like, but nonamphibious
Eyes: Black
Fingers: 3
Toes: 3
Skin color: Green
Hair: None
Average height: 4 ft.

Special adaptations: Built low to the ground due to heavy gravity. Their eyes are raised on stalks, and their trunks are protected by snail-like shells.
Type of government: Laissez-faire democracy.
Level of technology: Incredibly advanced only in the art of distillation. They have purchased starships from other planets.
Cultural traits: Capitalistic, extremely hedonistic.
Names of representatives: Piel, a magistrate.

Note: The Ciegrimites are known throughout their galaxy for the exotic liquors they brew.

First appearance: HERCULES #4

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