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Origin Galaxy: Shi'Ar
Star System: Chr'Yll
Planet: Chr'Yllalisa
Habitat: .50 surface covered with water
Gravity: 1.2 Earth
Atmosphere: 1.4 Earth density, high oxygen content
Population: 3.7 million

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Insectoid
Eyes: Two, red
Fingers: None
Toes: None
Skin color: Green
Hair: None
Average height: 1.5 ft. in length

Special adaptations: Insect-like, with large, transparent wings on the top of its body, hence resembling a helicopter. Covered in iridescent chitinous armor. They have high empathic ability, and can mentally scan the interioe of organic bodies.
Type of government: Benevolent matriachy
Level of technology: None, since the Chr'ylite have no means to manipulate tools.
Cultural traits: The psychic talents make them highly valued as diplomats and physicians in the Shi'ar Empire.
Names of representatives: Sikorsky, Medic of the Starjammers.

First appearance: X-MEN #156

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