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Origin galaxy: Milky Way
Star system: A-Chiltar (R Monocerotis, Earth designation)
Planet: A-Chiltar III, third planet from sun
Habitat: marched covers 0.60 of the world, prairie the other 40%. There are now large open bodies of water.
Gravity: 1.45 of Earth's
Atmosphere: 2.5 Earth density, high methane content
Population: 800 million

Physical Characteristics:
Type: humanoid
Eyes: 2, on head, multi faceted
Figures: 4
Toes: 3, equal in size
Skin color: purple gray fur covers the bodies of males and females
Average height: 5 ft. 5 in.

Special adaptations: A-Chiltarians eyes enable them to see in many directions at once.
Type of government: tribal
Level technology: A-Chiltarians have built primitive interstellar starships that cannot reach light speed. The level of technology is less advanced than Earth's
Cultural traits: mildly aggressive, clannish, and temperamental
Name of representatives: Karaglin

First appearance: TALES TO ASTONISH #46

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