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Origin galaxy: Milky Way
Star system: Alpha Ukraine
Planet: Acheron, fourth planet from sun
Habitat: 0.60 of the planet's surface is volcanic rock, 0.40 of planet is water
Gravity: 0.85 of Earth
Atmosphere: 0.85 Earth density, high sulphur content
Population: 81 million

Physical Characteristics:
Type: humanoid
Eyes: 2, on head
Figures: 5, with opposing thumb
Toes: 2, sharp talons
Skin color: purple gray, some body hair
Average height: 6 ft. 4 in.

Special adaptations: some Achernonians possess the ability to become immaterial at will.
Type of government: dictatorship
Level of technology: Achernonians not possess their own means of Star Travel has yet. Technology level pre-industrial the
Cultural traits: superstitious, self-centered, and hedonistic.
Name of Representatives: Brahl

First appearance: THOR ANNUAL #6

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