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Origin Galaxy: Unknown
Star System: Unknown
Original Planet: Unknown
Habitat: Unknown
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Population: Unknown

Physical Characteristics:
Types: Fishlike
Eyes: Two
Fingers: N/A
Toes: N/A
Skin color: Red
Hair: N/A
Average length: 2 miles

Special adaptations: Acanti resemble enormous fish. They have the ability to breathe in space, propel themselves at interplanetary speeds, maintain atmosphere and gravity inside them, and cause small pseudopods to extend and contract within their digestive tracts. Their means of propulsion is unknown. Technology can be implanted in their hides without causing them harm or breaching their natural atmospheric seals.
Type of government: Unknown
Level of technology: Unknown
Cultural traits: Unknown
Names of representatives: None known

Note: The Acanti are employed by the Brood as living starships. The X-MEN and Starjammers once fought the Brood aboard one.

First appearance: X-MEN #156

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