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Origin galaxy: Milky Way
Star system: Deneb
Planet: Orion, third from sun
Habitat: oceans cover 0.75 of the world's surface. The other 0.25 is craggy mountains
Gravity: 0.95 of Earth's
Atmosphere: 1.25 Earth density, high hydrogen content
Population: 2.5 billion

Physical Characteristics:
Type: humanoid/octopoid
Eyes: 2 (on head)
Arms: 6 tentacles, three from each shoulder.
Figures: none, suction grips are on and of tentacles.
Toes: 3 (talon like)
Skin color: green
Average height: 5 ft. 9 in.

Special adaptations: facial gills are in place of knows, closely spaced needle sharp teeth.
Type of government: benign anarchy, leaderless
Level of technology: A'askvarii have built intermediate level interstellar starships with rudimentary warp drive capacity
Cultural traits: unstructured, pacifist, independent
Names of Representatives: Derath

First appearance: BLACK GOLIATH #5

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